Thursday, June 13, 2013

The Joy of Social Networks

In my post about the Agile Israel 2013 conference I mentioned Bob Marshal's keynote, and his principle of "Joy for All". I wanted to link it somewhere, but couldn't find more. So I found myself having the following twitter conversation with him:
  1. Guy Nachimson
    Guy Nachimson ‏@guynachimson18 May

    Did you ever blog of your "joy for all" guiding principle? I can't find reference to it as such
  2. Bob MarshallBob Marshall ‏@flowchainsensei19 May
    I don’t think so, directly. You can find the roots of it in e.g. Rosenberg’s spirituality of NVC
  3. Guy NachimsonGuy Nachimson ‏@guynachimson19 May
    thx for the pointer. Not sure I relate to that as I did at , but I'll give it a shot
  4. Bob MarshallBob Marshall ‏@flowchainsensei19 May
    I’ll take it under advisement for a future blog post :)

Guess what?
Today, Bob posted: Hyper-joyful, quoting Ackoff, Seligman, Deming and Rosenberg to support his debate with the prevailing assumption that work isn't supposed to be fun. It's a call for focusing on Joy at work rather than productivity. A joyful environment underlies hyper-productive teams.
Culture trumps Process, right?


  1. Mmmh, his article is already a bit strange read. But I found this article

    a much better read as it seems more profound. It is linked on Bob Marshall's article as a reference.

    1. Bob wrote a rather short one, in his own style. A great part of it is making those other profound thinkers more accessible. I hope you found value in it, if only as a link to the one you point out.