Monday, January 27, 2014

Upcoming Agile events to look forward to

I've been on a break from blogging since my daughter's birth, but here's a heads up to some events I'm looking forward to and expect to write about.

Agile Practitioners 2014 conference events this week:

  1. 28-Jan-2014 - Workshop: Jutta Eckstein, on ‘Agile Software Development in a Large and Distributed Environment’
  2. 29-Jan-2014 - the Agile Practitioners 2014 conference day - here's my post on it
  3. 30-Jan-2014 - in the spirit of "Code Retreat" and "Coach Retreat", the first ever "Retrospective Retreat"!

Yet, it doesn't stop there! The week after, on February 3rd, Dave Snowden will be giving a talk "Complexity in human systems" at SAP labs.

Stay tuned :)